Dr. Glenise Harris-Wilson, Ed.D., PC


Dr. Glenise Harris-Wilson, M. A. EdD. P.C., C.A.M.S., is a pastoral counselor with a Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Community Counseling. She is the Founder/CEO of Living Connected, LLC, promoting spiritual wellness. Presently Dr. Harris-Wilson works at The Joshua Generations Care and Consultant Services, LLC under supervision. She is the Dean at the Institute of Pastoral Psychotherapy and Faith-Based Mental Health Counseling Counseling Program partnering with The Foundation for Therapeutic and Spiritual Empowerment Services, Inc.

Dr. Harris-Wilson’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies with emphasis in Biblical Leadership, along with her Doctorate.  She is also certified as an Anger Management Specialist. She has taught New Discipleship classes as a ministry leader and continues to be focused on helping individuals holistically. She was recognized for outstanding leadership and scholastic ability in the College of Counseling, Psychology, and Social Sciences at Argosy University.

Professionally, Dr. Harris-Wilson has over 30 plus years in Corporate America along with serving in the capacity of Full-Time Faculty. Her course selection included Foundations for University Life and Ministry, Marriage and Family, Developing a Healthy Leader, Case Studies in Biblical Leadership, Women in Leadership, teaching a Doctoral Comprehensive Course, Leading Through Times of Crises, Executive Coaching for Transformational Ministry, and Leadership Internship. She has served as a Department Chair for General and Online Studies.

Dr. Harris-Wilson has a published interview in Huffington Post, “Midlife Matters: A Sit-down On Doing Life” April 2016. She is a collaborative writer in the book; Releasing the Fear & Walking in Faith. Her scholarly work includes her dissertation: The Lived Experiences of African American Christian Women Seeking Pastoral Counseling. She was the co-host of “Coaching The Generations” with WCEG online radio in 2016. She is a Media Host for TDR Brands International and Notary for Henry County, Ga.

Her most intimate and sacred pastime is having coffee with quiet and peaceful moments for praying, meditation, and writing.

Dr. Harris-Wilson has a passion to connect with individuals on their journey by inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and supporting them to live fulfilled in abundance and celebrations through spiritual wellness. Currently she resides in Ellenwood, Georgia.