About The Foundation For Therapeutic And Spiritual Empowerment Services, Inc.


A Transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit for all people through:

  • Mental Health Education
  • Therapeutic and Spiritual- Based Programs
  • Community Empowerment Services


The overall mission of The Foundation For Therapeutic and Spiritual Empowerment Services, Inc. is to eradicate mental health stigma through Awareness, Access, Advocacy, and Anti-stigma.


  • Advocate at the county, state and national levels for non-discriminatory access to quality healthcare, housing, education, and employment for people with mental illness.
  • Educate religious and spiritual communities about mental illness and wellness.
  • Work to eliminate the stigma of mental illness in religious and spiritual communities.
  • Advocate for increased funding for research into the causes and treatment of mental illness.
  • Advocate in religious and spiritual communities on mental health and wellness.
Dr. Glenise Harris-Wilson, Ed.D., PC

Dr. Glenise Harris-Wilson, Ed.D., PC

Dean Dr. Glenise Harris-Wilson, M. A. EdD. P.C., C.A.M.S., is a pastoral counselor with a Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Community Counseling. She is the Founder/CEO of Living Connected, LLC, promoting spiritual wellness. Presently Dr. Harris-Wilson works at The Joshua Generations Care and Consultant Services, LLC under supervision. She is the Dean at the Institute of […]

Rev. Dr. Bryan A. Jones, LPC

Rev. Dr. Bryan A. Jones, LPC

Rev. Dr. Bryan A. Jones is one of the nation’s leaders in pastoral care and counseling, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), the integration of professional counseling and spiritual/pastoral counseling, and spiritual/pastoral psychotherapy.

Dr. Tony Burks

Dr. Tony Burks

DR. TONY LAMAIR BURKS II is an award-winning education expert who helps individuals and organizations as a thought partner. A Fulbrighter and fellow of the British-American Project, he was recognized by NU∙tribe Magazine as one of Six HBCU Grads You Should Know and was honored with the Phaedra Parks S.O.S. Save Our Sons Award for Empowerment and Service.